XL Roulette Live is now available on desktop

13 May 2022

Golden Palace has a solid partnership with Authentic Gaming, one of the world’s foremost providers of live casino gaming entertainment, so you can always count on the best in this segment. The latest innovation brings you multi-dimensional roulette gaming fun, everywhere you go. Following the already popular mobile version, here is XL Roulette Live, redesigned for desktop!

Lucky number gameplay, …

Do you have a lucky number? If you’re a real live casino player, it has to be one of the 36 numbers appearing on a roulette wheel. XL Roulette Live uses this Lucky Number format, and further popularizes it with a few awesome tweaks that boost the live experience even further. Regular lucky number gameplay allows players to tag 1 number as the lucky one that will get a higher payout if hit.

XL Roulette Live

… The Authentic Gaming way

That’s where the XL in XL Roulette Live comes into play. Thanks to this additional gameplay element by Authentic Gaming, you can set up to 5 lucky numbers (XL), 8 lucky number (XXL) or even 11 lucky numbers (XXXL). These lucky numbers pay out between 50x and 500x your stake. By giving players a choice over the number of lucky numbers, XL Roulette attracts a wider fan base. So, what’s your size?

XL Roulette, win anywhere you want

With its flawless visual flair and its professional live presentation, XL Roulette Live was already a big hit on mobile devices, ever since it came out. Playing and winning on the move on a small screen is one thing, but imagine if that action carries over to your big screen at home. That’s exactly what Authentic Gaming did. Thanks to this desktop version, the roulette action is clearer than ever before!

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