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As the greatest athletes in several sports disciplines meet in Tokyo, Japan for the 2020 edition of the Summer Olympic Games, so do smart sports bettors meet at goldenpalace.be! Here, you will not just watch in excitement as our greatest Belgian athletes will try to get their hands on some medals: there’s also a €5,000 prize pool for you, our greatest sports bettor! Don’t miss out, place your bets and go for the points!

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For this Olympic Games, we have a reserved a prize pool of €5,000! As always, participation is as simple as betting! During the Olympic Games (July 21 to August 8), we will count all single (live or pre-live) bets with a minimum of €1. Every day, we will look for the winning bets with the highest odds for every player on every olympic sport. These highest odds will be multiplied by 100 to arrive at a number of points.

For example: you place and win 3 bets: @4.00 on tennis, @5.00 on basketball and @6.00 on judo. You will receive 400 points + 500 points + 600 points = 1,500 points. Only the highest odds of each of your daily bets will count towards the leaderboard, where the first 20 players will receive cash prizes when the Olympic Games are over.

To show our support for the Belgian delegation, we will push this promo concept even further! If you place a bet on Belgians and they win, we will double your points. For example: your highest odds on a Belgian to win are @5.00. You will receive 500 points times 2 = 1,000 points if the Belgian wins. You can follow your progress by checking the leaderboard here.

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Terms and Conditions of the "Olympic Games" Tournament


1. To participate in this promotion, players must be over 21 years of age at the time of the promotion.

1.1. To participate in the Olympic Games Tournament on Goldenpalace.be, players must have or create a player account on goldenpalace.be website and have activated the F+ and A+ license.

2. The Tournament starts on Wednesday 21 July 2021 and ends on Sunday 08 August.

3. Central European Time (CET) is used to determine the start and end of each promotion period.

4. The Tournament consists in accumulating points (see Sections 5 and 7) throughout the Olympic Games from July 21 to August 08, 2021 in order to share the prize pool. The 20 best players in the leaderboard at the end of the Tournament will share the sum of € 5,000 in Golden Points, according to the distribution stated in point 8.

5. All winning Olympic Games bets in "SIMPLE" (Live or Pre-Live) with a minimum base bet of €1 will be taken into consideration for the calculation of the points (Multiple bets and system bets will not be taken into consideration)

6. The ticket is considered when it is processed. (for a ticket played on July 24th on the final Basketball Tournament winner and processed on August 8th, the points will be taken into account for the day of August 8th and for a ticket played on a Football game played on July 22nd and processed on July 22nd, the points will be taken into account on July 22nd)

7.  Calculation of the points: 

For each player, for each day and for each sport, during the duration of the tournament (July 21 to August 08), only the winning ticket per sport with the best odds will be considered. The points will correspond to the odds multiplied by 100.          


Customer x has on date y 10 winning tickets (singles) on the Olympic Games. He has 3 tickets in Tennis, 3 tickets in Football and 4 tickets in Basketball:

  • The Tennis tickets have odds of 5.2 for the 1st ticket - odds of 6.2 for the 2nd ticket and odds of 9.0 for the 3rd. The highest odds are 9.00, so customer x wins 9.0 *100 = 900 points.
  • The Football tickets have odds of 2.5 for the 1st ticket - odds of 3.0 for the 2nd ticket and odds of 4.5 for the 3rd. Customer x wins 4.5 * 100 = 450 points
  • And the Basketball tickets have the odds of 1.80 for the 1st ticket and an odds of 2.0 for the 2nd ticket. So customer x wins 2*100 = 200 points.

For day y:  Customer x wins 900 + 450 + 200 = 1550 points

7.1 During the whole period of the Tournament, the points will be doubled for all winning tickets that have been played on an athlete or team participating for Belgium and that wins the match or the competition as the case may be.

8. Distribution of the €5,000 prize pool: among the players who have obtained the most points throughout the tournament. (accumulation of the points of all the days)

1st in the general ranking: €1500.

2nd: €1000.

3rd: €750.

4th: €500. 

5th: €250.

6th to 10th: €100.

11th to 20th: €50

8.1 If 2 or more players total the same number of points at the end of the Tournament, they will share the prize money won.

8.2 The amounts won for the "Olympic Games" tournament will be automatically distributed to the winners in the form of Golden Points, within 3 days of the end of the Tournament.

9. By participating in this promotion, players agree to the terms and conditions. 

10. In the event of a conflict between the different languages of this document, the English version is the one that is considered correct.   

11. Belgian law is applicable. The courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction.

12.  Golden Palace reserves the right to change any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.



Here, we have gathered previews on some of the most anticipated events featuring prominent Belgian athletes, along with some quick pointers from our sports betting specialist to help you make more money. Let's find out how our fellow Belgians will fare in tennis, basketball, judo, athletics, field hockey, and cycling!


Played at the hardcourt surfaces of Ariake Tennis Park, this edition has 5 different sets of medals to divide: single and double men’s and women’s as well as the mixed double. Belgium’s hope for a precious medal in this discipline lies squarely on the capable shoulders of Elise Mertens. Can she rise above herself, bring her absolute best tennis, and reach for a medal?

Bet on Olympic tennis now


Here, Belgium will count on the Belgian Cats, our national women’s basketball team. There are, however, plenty of formidable contenders. The road to the medals goes through a tournament format, with 3 groups of 4 nations competing for a spot in the knockout rounds. Can the Cats follow up their European championship success with another strong run, and who knows, a medal?

Bet on Olympic tennis now


Belgium has 4 judoka in the Olympics: Matthias Casse (-82 kg, world number 1), Toma Nikiforov (-100 kg, world number 16), Charline Van Snick (-52 kg, world number 7) and Jorre Verstraeten (-60 kg, world number 15). All of them have it in them to make a strong case, but the competition will be fierce… Still, a a medal in this discipline is not out of the question!

Bet on Olympic judo now


Belgium sends 24 athletes to the athletics discipline. Some popular names hoping to make waves here are Bashir Abdi (marathon), fresh Belgian record-holder Cynthia Bolingo (400 m) and Thomas Van Der Plaetsen (decathlon). Our biggest hope for an Olympic medal, however, is without a doubt 2016 gold medal winner Nafissatou Thiam (heptathlon). Can she win it again for Belgium?

Bet on Olympic athletics now

Field hockey

In recent years, Belgium has proven that it has all the class to stand with the best hockey teams in the world. The Red Lions, as our national men’s hockey team is affectionately known, are currently the second-best team in the world ranking. At the 2016 Olympics, they won the silver medal for Belgium. Can they repeat their stunt, or do even better for a first gold medal?

Bet on Olympic field hockey now


One of Belgium’s biggest shots at a medal might lie in the cycling department. Can Greg Van Avermaet race for another golden medal, after he did so in 2016 in Brazil? Not that the rest of the Belgian team is without merit, of course. Tiesj Benoot, Remco Evenepoel, Mauri Vansevenant and the inimitable Wout van Aert are all likely to bring glory to Belgium!

Bet on Olympic cycling now