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Are you on a train? Are you having a lunch break at work? Is the weather nice and do you want to sit in your garden instead of inside behind your computer? That is no longer a problem: starting today, presents poker on your mobile. Waiting times disappear like snow in the sun as you focus on your poker game.

From now on you can get access to you poker account with your Android device, iPhone and iPad and you can play Texas Hold’em cash games.

Our mobile poker platform is 100% Strobe proof, so you can still play a lot of online poker hands quickly when playing on your mobile. It also features a quick table access function for playing the traditional poker games, so you can quickly take a seat at the tables. 

The mobile poker room features all functions that our online poker room also provides: you can also view your hand history for example.

Do You Have an Account?

In that case, download the app to your mobile and login using your account data. You will see that you credit will also be available on your mobile. You can immediately take place at a cash game table and start playing.

Not yet an account?

First open an account at our website; then you can use this account to login on your mobile. Before you register, first see if you can make use of a bonus or promotion.

When you download the app now, you can log on your mobile using your own account.

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