Poker is foremost a game in which you can be/get better than your opponent. When you achieve this, poker may even become a nice way to make some extra money; the stories of professionals are well-known.

But, where to start when you want to improve yourself? is going to help you on your first steps on the way to becoming a better poker player. Of course we will start at the beginning; with the basic rules of the most played variation: No Limit Texas Hold’em. When you have seen people play poker, they were probably playing this version. Pot Limit Omaha is also gaining popularity: the game with four cards in your hand instead of two.

To get better it is important to first talk about poker hands with others: discuss with others how a hand is best played. On a regular basis we will place example hands on our website, with the question how best to continue in a certain situation. We will also provide the answer (although in many cases multiple answers are possible), but you will not see them on screen immediately. So, you can first make up your own mind before seeing if your answer corresponds with how we would play this hand.

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"Without a firm basis, everything else you learn will be less effective…"

Game Rules: learn the very basic rules of poker and find out which hands are stronger than others. This is the foundation on which all your poker knowledge will be built.

Flow of the game: now that you know the basic concept of poker, we are taking you by the hand to complete a whole poker round from start to finish. You will be ready to take a seat at the tables after reading this article, but of course it never hurts to study some other topics in our more advanced sections…


"So, you know the basic rules of the game, but you would like to learn about other poker variants or tools to defeat the competition? You’ve come to the right place…"

Tournaments: a favourite for many players, but quite variance heavy. It takes dedication and a lot of patience to be the last player standing and win an online tournament, but the resulting feeling is oh so satisfying.

Strobe: the version of fast fold poker will blow you off your socks. No more boredom while waiting for a hand you want to play - play online poker faster than ever before.

Going All-in: Play it S.M.A.R.T.: going all-in is both an exciting and important decision to make. Being afraid to go all-in when the time is right or going all-in excessively are both mistakes – you need to think it through and find the right balance.

Playing Big Hands Fast: slowplaying has its merits, but it can be both a dangerous tactic and a suboptimal way to get the most value out of your hand if not used properly. Consider playing your big hands fast when the opportunity arises.


"It’s time to arm yourself with all the knowledge and poker edge we have to offer you!"

Omaha: 4 starting hands instead of 2 add a lot of depth. You need to be able to handle the high variance to do well in Omaha, but the result can be more than worth it.

Omaha Hi-Lo: being able to win with both a hi hand and a lo hand theoretically doubles your chances of winning, but be careful you don’t get quartered too often or it could blow up in your face!

Five Card Draw: still the poker game for many who did not fully live the poker boom, this variant is now  slightly less popular, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any value to be had in it…

Stud: a good memory and an ability to focus yourself 100% at any time will get you a long way in this poker variant.

The Double Barrel: placing a continuation bet after the flop and giving up on the turn whenever you don’t have a good hand makes you predictable. The double barrel can be a good solution, but make sure you don’t overdo it. It’s important to find the right balance.

Hand analysis – Ace Queen in 3-bet pot: top pair with ace queen is not exactly the ideal hand to risk all your chips with. However, is folding really that good of an option after having so many chips invested already?


"Those who think they no longer have anything left to learn will quickly find themselves behind the competition…"

Hand analysis – combo draw deep stacked: most able players will put pressure on their opponent with a combo draw and aren’t afraid to invest their whole stack with such a hand. The situation requires a deeper analysis when you’re playing deep stacked however.

Hand analysis – Folding Aces preflop: common knowledge dictates that you’d have to be to be crazy to fold pocket aces preflop, having well over 80% to win them against a realistic hand range. But what if there are situations in which folding them gives you an even higher chance of winning? Sometimes folding aces is the smart thing to do… uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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