Golden Palace PrimeTime

Play as usual, with a chance to win more!


PrimeTime: a daily exclusive show from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Welcome to PrimeTime, Golden Palace’s exciting live roulette game show! Over the course of the next weeks and months, Golden Palace will give you the opportunity to participate in a live roulette trivia game show, with cash prizes to win in every game round.

PrimeTime Live

Mobile only

How to participate

Participation is as easy as playing. You just need to log on and launch PrimeTime between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.. Here, you will have the option to wager at least €0.10 for taking part in a round of our live game show. Answer as many questions right and win up to 1050x your bet.

On top of that, every 2 weeks, we will hold a dedicated Golden Palace show, only for our players. You can find the data for these shows on this page. There will be up to 7 game rounds in the 40-minute timeslots reserved for this game show experience. Each game round will have an extra €200 prize pool, to be divided across the top four contestants. First place gets €100, second place gets €50, and third and fourth place get €25. We will pay out this extra value on the next business day.

How does the trivia system work? Easy! The host or hostess will propose a question to which you must guess the answer. Will the next number to fall be odd or even? First, second or third section of the table? There will be 7 of these or similar questions each round, and the players who make it the farthest through the questions by guessing correctly the most consecutive times will be crowned winners. The best players win, even if they didn’t get to round 7. In case of a tie, fastest answers will win, so don’t delay!

Branded Golden Palace Shows with extra value

Play our daily live shows on your mobile from 8 p.m. on, to win up to 1050x your stake, but also discover our exclusive Golden Palace Branded shows in which we add a total of almost €10.000.

These extra shows will be held on the following moments: