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On March 28, 2012, Golden Palace, which exploits over 40 Gaming Halls in Belgium, has received the definitive B+ licence for the legal commercialisation of online gaming from the Belgian Gaming Commission., online since 2011, has become a great success because of the broad offer in casino gaming, live casino, virtual sports, and sports betting.

Throughout this successful growth, we have always taken the stance of responsible gaming. We strongly believe that online gaming should always remain a means of entertainment. That’s why responsible gaming is a very important topic for On this page, we will outline the measures that we’ve implemented to ensure that you have fun while you play safe.

What responsible gaming means to us

Our company has a long history of 50 years in which quality and player security are the primary concerns. As a 100% legal Belgian online casino and sports betting website, it matters greatly to us that you have an optimal player experience at That means not only that we give you unlimited access to the most diverse gaming experience on the Belgian market. It also means that we take your protection close to heart. We consider it our responsibility to assure you a safe environment, with measures that protect you when and where you need protection.

100% legal, 100% fun

We are the proud owners of B+ and F+ Belgian licences, and we follow the regulations closely. This means that every game is in direct contact with the Belgian Gaming Commission, and that all possible steps are taken to guarantee the security and gaming pleasure of the player. Here at, we strive to present a high-quality offer which is as complete as possible. To that end, has made agreements with accredited national and international suppliers of online games. Golden Palace is 100% legal, 100% authorised, 100% secure, and of course 100% fun.

Set your own licence preferences

At, you are in control of what you play, when you play it, and how you want to play it. For starters, you can toggle the different licenses in your profile to suit your online gaming needs. This allows you to include or exclude yourself from certain domains linked to our licenses as a legal online casino in Belgium. You can toggle any and all of the following licences as you wish: casino gaming (dice slot games, strategic dice games, table games), and sports betting.

Exclude yourself from online gaming at

As a 100% legal operator and founding member of the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO), responsible gaming is the main concern of That’s why you have the possibility to exclude yourself from playing at for 6 months. On your profile page, you can choose to exclude yourself from gaming altogether. To activate this procedure, you will find the option to exclude yourself on the third tab, “Responsible gaming”. All you need to do is opt-in and click the button “Exclude myself”, and you won’t be able to play anymore. During this period, you will not be able to remove this exclusion. When the 6 months are over, you will have to manually request to be allowed to play again if you choose this self-exclusion.

Temporary break from online gaming at

Sometimes, you might feel the need to take a step back and cool down for a while. We understand that, and we’re here to help you with the process. In your profile page, you can choose to exclude yourself from gaming altogether. To activate this procedure, you will find the option on the third tab, “Responsible gaming”. All you need to do is select the expected period and click the button “Take a break”, and you won’t be able to play anymore. You will not be able to cancel this cool-down period, but you will be automatically able to play again afterwards.


Golden Palace is a founding member of BAGO, the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators. Through our active participation in this organization, we commit ourselves to responsible gaming and player protection. Our involvement with BAGO ensures that we always operate within a legal framework. As such, you can consider us part of a solid link between you, the player, and the government that oversees our activities. For more information about BAGO, its workings and its prevention initiatives, you can visit the BAGO website here.

The Belgian Gaming Commission and the EPIS list

As a gaming operator that acts 100% within the bounds of the Belgian law, we are of course monitored by the Belgian Gaming Commission, the government agency tasked with prevention from excesses such as illegal operators. If you find no other option, you can choose to address the Belgian Gaming Commission for a full exclusion from online gaming. This procedure will put you on the EPIS list of persons ineligible to play in any Belgian casino at all. For more info on the EPIS list, you can visit the Commission’s website here.

Deposit limit

In compliance with the current government regulations, we enforce a deposit limit of €500 per week. In your player profile, however, you have the option to increase or decrease your limit yourself. Just use the entry field provided for you on the tab “Responsible gaming”. We strongly urge you to consider your personal financial situation when changing your deposit limit. Remember that our online casino is designed to be a source of entertainment, foremost. We hope that we can count on your consideration that your deposit limit reflects your entertainment.

To the Gaming Commission help page takes responsible gaming very seriously. Online gambling should always remain a means of entertainment. Players who find themselves unable to stop playing, to stick to their budget or who can’t resist attempting to make up for possible losses might very well be dealing with a gambling addiction, in which case we urge you to seek help.

The Belgian Gaming Commission, which works with all licensed operators of games of chance such as ourselves and guards over the protection of the player, can help. If you find yourself in this situation, you can request to be excluded from games of chance, which can be done through their easy to fill in form. This request, which we will immediately comply with, is the only way to tackle problematic gaming behaviour.

Download the official Belgian Gaming Commision flyer: EN - FR - NL - DE

To the "help for players" site

Are you in need of a listening ear or a helping hand? Would you like to read more information about gambling, including warning signs of an addiction, how to deal with problematic gamblers in your environment and ways to get help? Would you like to be informed regarding the law on games of chance? Then you’re in the right place at and

Always Play Legally

Always Play Legally is an initiative of the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC). This campaign is aimed against illegal gambling sites and is lead by the BGC in agreement with the licensed gambling sector in Belgium. This campaign runs from April 26 until June 11 (start of EURO 2021). The aim is to inform the customer about the difference between legal and illegal gambling sites. The Always Play Legally logo can only be used by legal gambling sites that have obtained the written approval of the BGC. More info on the involvement of Golden Palace can be found through this link.