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Our Social Media pages are a great place to stay up to date about our latest news and promotions, but there is more. We often give away free spins on our casino games and/or free bets!

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Wednesday Treat

Fans of our Facebook page can discover a new reload bonus on our page on every Wednesday. Get up to €50 extra value in free spins for your deposits!

Sports betting predictions

What makes watching your favourite sports even more exciting? That’s right – betting on them! If you would like to test your mettle before placing your bets for real money, you can do so multiple times a week on our Facebook page and Twitter page. How many goals will be scored? Which team will win? What will be the end score? Many of these competitions offer our players the possibility to win a free bet and become a community ambassador. 

Terms and Conditions

1. While will strive to post at least one competition each week, it is not obliged to do so and it can occasionally happen that no competition is posted.

2. Only answers submitted through the official Facebook page ( and official Twitter page ( will be taken into account.

3. Only answers submitted as a reply to the post/Tweet announcing the competition will be taken into account. Replies to replies are discouraged and will decide at its own discretion to accept or reject these answers.

4. When a winner has been decided, will attempt to track down the account of that winner. If this does not prove to be possible, will place a notification at the relevant posts, informing the winner of this fact. It is the responsibility of the winner to check the Facebook posts/Tweets on a regular basis and give a timely response when required. Not responding within 24 hours equals voiding any winnings.

5. In case a player does not have a account yet, that player has 24 hours to create an account and communicate the nickname of said account to the staff.

6. Unless another source is specifically mentioned, the following sources are used when determining the result of social media contests: for football competitions, the official site of the tennis tournament in question for tennis competitions and for basketball competitions. 

7. Unless specifically stated there will only be one winner for each ‘sports betting prediction’ game. If there is more than one correct answer a raffle through will be held by to determine the winner.

8. Two criteria need to be fulfilled to receive a free bet. First of all players need to contact within 24 hours after being announced as being the winner of one or more free bets. Players must then communicate their predictions for the games communicated by the support service within 24 hours after this request by the support team. This prediction must contain a result that can be bet on as well as a short motivation for this choice. This prediction can be made in English, Dutch or French as the player prefers. It is the responsibility of the player to contact within 24 hours of being announced as a winner as well as giving their predictions within the 24 hours after being requested to do so. Those not following this rule will see their free bet voided.

9. Players must be at least 21 years of age to participate in social media games awarding free spins. Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in social media games awarding free bets.

10. Free spins may not be exchanged for their monetary value.

11. Free spins can only be played on the games they were awarded on.

12. In order to take advantage of their bonus, players must fill in the correct bonus code on the cashier page when making their deposit.

13. When “a bonus of X%” is mentioned, the X indicates which percentage of your deposit you will receive as extra bonus money. Examples: a bonus of 25% will give you 25 cents of bonus money per euro deposited, a bonus of 50% will give you 50 cents of bonus money per euro deposited, a bonus of 75% will give you 75 cents of bonus money per euro deposited, a bonus of 100% will give you 1 euro per euro deposited. The amount of bonus money cannot go over the maximum amount.

14. The bonus code will remain valid for 48 hours after being posted.

15. The extra amount will be added in bonus money. This bonus money can only be paid out after the wagering requirements have been met (20 times the bonus amount on casino games or sports bets with odds of 1.70 or higher).

16. For the purpose of determining the odds, the potential winnings of a bet selection is divided by the stake. This means players should be careful when placing two bets on the same game (as this highers the stake, but lowers the potential winnings) or placing on multiple games at the same time in one betslip when the average odds are lower than 1.70. Players are however free to place these kinds of bets in separate betslips.

17. Table games (roulette, video poker, blackjack) wagers only count for 25% towards fulfilling the wagering requirements.

18. The game ‘Craps’ does not count towards fulfilling the wagering requirements.

19. Players wager their real money first. Once the real money is depleted, the bonus money will be used.

20. Money won with real money is added as real money. Money won with bonus money is added as bonus money.

21. Asking for a payout or activating another bonus without fulfilling the wagering requirements first will void a player’s bonus money.

22. Players have 60 days to fulfill the wagering requirements. After this point, any remaining bonus money will be voided.

23. Real money will not expire or be voided by asking for a payout or activating another bonus.

24. Each bonus is only valid for one deposit.

25. This promotion is not organised, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Twitter in any way.

26. Any information submitted by the player in regards to this promotion is submitted to and not to Facebook or Twitter.

27. By participating, players acknowledge the fact that Facebook and Twitter are in no shape or form responsible for this promotion.

28. The free spins cannot be cashed out, but any winnings made by using these spins can be cashed out or can be used to continue playing with.

29. By entering this promotion, players declare to accept its terms and conditions.

30. All accounts have to comply to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion and the general Terms and Conditions.

31. reserves the right to modify any part of this promotion or the promotion as a whole at its sole discretion. uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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