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Free duo tickets for STVV games!

Goldenpalace.be is giving away duo tickets for all of the home games of STVV! All you need to do is to play and confirm your participation on this promotion page.

There are 10 duo tickets for the upcoming home game of STVV against Westerlo of Saturday, May 18 up for grabs!

To be eligible for the raffle, you only need to bet €5 on any sports bets of your choice at odds of 1.40 or higher between Thursday, May 2 and Thursday, May 9. Both single and combination bets are allowed and you can spread the €5 requirement over multiple bets if you wish.

All new players at goldenpalace.be receive a free €5 welcome bonus for creating an account, which means your first participation is completely free!

Simply log in and click the button below to confirm your participation. You can already do so even before you meet the requirements, but will need to place the necessary bet amount before the end of the promotion period to be eligible for the raffle.

Click to participate. Please log in first.

Please only confirm your participation if you are able to attend the game. Winners will be contacted by email with their electronic tickets which they can simply print out and take with them to the game to be granted access.

We will be giving away tickets for all home games this season, so make sure to check back later! You can reach this page at any time by visiting the bonus and promotion page of the goldenpalace.be website, available through the main menu.

Creating an account on goldenpalace.be offers you multiple advantages!

  • €5 free to use on sports betting or our casino games (simply follow the instructions when registering to receive your welcome bonus)
  • Bonuses for every multiple bet you make
  • A €40 risk free bet for your first deposit

How to win at sports betting

For every game we offer odds. The odds for favourite teams are always lower than for the outsiders. It’s up to you to pick the best odds offered based on your own football knowledge!

Let's take the game between Team01 and Team02 as an example to further explain how it works:

Team01 - Team02



X (draw)




If you bet €0 on the following predictions, you could:

  • Win ResultTeam01 if you bet on Team01 and Team01 wins.
  • Win ResultDraw if you bet on a draw (“X”)
  • Win ResultTeam02 if you believe Team02 will be the strongest team despite Team01's home advantage

BET on Team01 - Team02 NOW

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is only open to players aged 18 or above with a goldenpalace.be account.
  2. This promotion is only open to players residing in Belgium.
  3. In order to be eligible for this promotion, players must bet at least €5 on sports bets with odds of 1.40 or higher during the promotion period as well as confirm their participation to the promotion. Players who first place the necessary bets during the promotion period and only after confirm their participation are still eligible, as long as both the necessary bets and the confirmation of participation take place within the promotion period.
  4. Single bets and multiple bets both count for this promotion. For multiple bets, the total odds need to be 1.40 or higher, it is not necessary for all of the events in the multiple bet to have odds of 1.40 or higher. System bets and chain bets do not count.
  5. Players may spread the bet requirement over multiple bets (for example 5 bets of €1 or a bet of €3 and a bet of €2 all count), but may not spread the odds requirement over several bets (for example two bets with odds of 1.30 do not fulfill any promotion requirements). 
  6. This promotion runs throughout the complete season of the Jupiler Pro League. Players must however confirm their participation for each new game.
  7. It is the responsibility of the player to read the information on the promotion page and to register during the correct promotion period. The promotion period as well as the game for which tickets are given away are always present on the promotion page and are edited manually. Goldenpalace.be will do its best to always keep the page up to date, but is not responsible for players registering for the incorrect game. Example: the game between STVV and Anderlecht takes place on Friday, August 12. Promotion registrations for the next game are only valid when the game between STVV and Anderlecht is no longer advertised, even if August 12 has already passed. 
  8. This promotion can only be participated in once per physical person, (IP) address and household. Goldenpalace.be withholds the right to refuse payout should this rule not be followed and is entitled to conduct identity checks to which the player has to comply in order to prove his/her identity.
  9. Winning players will be contacted at the email address of their goldenpalace.be profile at least 24 hours in advance of each game. Their tickets will be included in this mail.
  10. Tickets are electronic. It is up to the player to print these and take them with them to the game. Goldenpalace.be is not responsible in case players forget to print their tickets, forget to bring their tickets to the game, cannot print their tickets or cannot print them in a format which allows the STVV staff to verify their validity.
  11. Players may only confirm their participation for the promotion in case they are able to attend the event. In case players confirm their participation and do not attend the game without giving prior warning they risk being classified as a bonus abuser. Players classified as a bonus abuser may not take part in any promotions and may not make use of any bonus codes. In no case will STVV tickets be exchanged for their monetary value or another prize. It is also not allowed to sell your tickets.
  12. This promotion will only give away tickets for home games of STVV in the season of the Jupiler Pro League. There will be no tickets given away for away games of STVV (for example: Club Brugge – STVV), games of other teams (for example: Standard – Anderlecht) or games outside of the Jupiler Pro League (for example: friendly games or the Supercup).
  13. Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to give away part of the tickets through other promotions or other channels (for example: the goldenpalace.be Facebook page or an event at one of the Golden Palace gaming halls). In addition, goldenpalace.be reserves the right to suspend this promotion for certain matches on the request of STVV or on its own accord.
  14. In case of conflict between the different languages of this document, the English version is the one that is considered to be correct.
  15. The goldenpalace.be bonus rules and general terms of use apply to this promotion.
  16. By participating in this promotion, players declare to accept its terms and conditions.
  17. Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to modify any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.
  18. Should any legal action be undertaken by either goldenpalace.be or one of its clients, the courts of Brussels are the only one authorized to treat this dispute.

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