How does it work?

To put it plain and simple: for every game you play in our casino game or dice game offer, you will earn Golden Points. How many points you earn will depend the RTP of the game you’re playing. You can find the RTP of each game in the in-game info files. Note that you need to have selected the A+ license preference, otherwise you won’t be able to ear Golden Points to enjoy the loyalty system.

Loyalty levels

Our loyalty system has 9 levels, each of which is linked to a multiplication factor. The higher your level, the higher your multiplication factor will be. You will attain a new level as soon as you attain a certain number of Golden Points. Below you’ll find a table of the levels and what their multiplication factor is.

  • Member: multiplicator of 1
  • Bronze 1: multiplicator of 2
  • Bronze 2 multiplicator of 4
  • Silver 1: multiplicator of 6
  • Silver 2: multiplicator of 8
  • Gold 1: multiplicator of 15
  • Gold 2: multiplicator of 25
  • Platinum: multiplicator of 30
  • Diamond: multiplicator of 35

Level updates

Over the course of a calendar month, you can climb as high in the levels as you can. The level you have at the end of one month will determine the level of the month to come. In this system, it is possible to ascend, remain, or descend in level, depending on your games sessions in a calendar month.

For example: if you achieve the Gold 1 level during the month, you will start the following month at this level. If you don’t play (enough) from there, you will descend 1 level; if you once more play to make it to the same level, you will again have this Gold 1 level; if you play more, you will ascend 1 level.


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