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The loyalty system: how does it work?

As you play on goldenpalace.be, you will earn two different currencies:

  • Golden Palace Points (GPP): earn these to make your loyalty level go up and clear bonuses
  • Golden Palace Coins (GPC): earn these to buy bonuses in our VIP shop or participating gaming halls

At first you will earn both currencies at the same rate: 1 GPP and 1 GPC for every €33.33 in bets in the casino* (win or lose!) on all of our games. Once you earn some GPP during a certain month, your loyalty level will go up and you’ll start earning GPC faster: up to 35 coins for every GPP!

You can use your GPC to buy real money bonuses in our VIP shop and in our participating gaming halls!

*€55 for roulette, blackjack and casino poker. Craps are not a part of the Loyalty System.

Loyalty levels

Your loyalty level is determined by the amount of GPP you earn during a given month. The higher your loyalty level, the faster you will earn GPC.

Every goldenpalace.be player starts on the bronze level. When you earn 350 GPP during any given month, you will reach the silver level at which point you’ll be earning GPC 6 times as fast. If you earn 3,000 GPP during one month you reach the gold level and earn 25 Golden Coins per GPP!

That’s not all though: 

  • Every level is divided into three sublevels. As you work your way to the higher levels, reaching these sublevels will already speed up your Golden Coin collection rate and your access to higher value rewards.
  • You can climb even higher by reaching the second and third sublevel of the gold level. You can earn up to 35 GPC per GPP this way!

Once you reach a certain level, you will keep it until at least the end of next month, so you can keep reaping the benefits of last month’s hard work. You will however need to collect the necessary points for your level again that month to avoid going down in level the next month.

Level updates

Your GPP balance and GPC balance will be updated immediately as you play. As soon as you go up a level, you will immediately start earning GPC faster.

We wish you lots of fun and success while playing on goldenpalace.be and look forward to your progress in our loyalty system! If you have any questions about our system, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@goldenpalace.be