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With the US Open, another grand slam tennis tournament is played among the best tennis players in the world. All throughout this most exciting tennis event, from August 30 to September 12, we’re organizing a promotion with a prize pool of 750,000 Golden Points. Bring your best tennis bets and win your own US Open grand slam!

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The promotion

The US Open once more gathers the world’s best tennis players, all of which have one goal: to win the US Open grand slam. Djokovic, Osaka, Zverev, Williams: you know the names, but do you know the chances? Such knowledge will prove extremely valuable over the next 2 weeks of the US Open.

From August 30 to September 12, we will count all of your winning bets on the US Open (€1 or higher). All bets (single, multiple, system) will count, as long as they’re exclusively on the US Open. Your highest odds of the day will be multiplied by 100 to be displayed as your points on the leaderboard.

Whoever gets the most points by September 12 will win the biggest part of the 750,000 Golden Points prize pool, and the best 10 players each get Golden Points. As you know, these GP are key to awesome gifts (online and physical store vouchers, entertainment subscriptions, and more) in our VIP Shop!


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Terms and Conditions of the "US Open" Tournament


1. To participate in this promotion, players must be over 21 years of age at the time of the promotion.

1.1. To participate in the US Open Tournament on, players must have or create a player account on website and have activated the F+ and A+ license.

2. The Tournament starts on Wednesday 21 July 2021 and ends on Sunday 08 August.

3. Central European Time (CET) is used to determine the start and end of each promotion period.

4. The goal of the tournament is to collect points (see clause 5 and 7) during the duration of the US Open Tennis 2021 tournament taking place from August 30 to September 12 in order to collect a share of the prize pool. Customers can collect points every day. The final ranking will be established by adding up the points earned during the different days of the tournament. The 10 best ranking players of the general ranking of the tournament will receive a total of 750,000 Golden Points according to the distribution set out in clause 8.

5. All winning bets placed solely on the US Open Tennis 2021 tournament with a minimum wager of €1 or more will be taken into account, regardless if such bets are single bets, combination bets or system bets. Combination bets and system bets consisting of at least one match that is not part of the US Open Tennis tournament will not be taken into account.

6. Each bet is taken into account at the moment the result has been processed (a bet placed on August 30 for which the result is finalized on September 1 will be taken into account for the score of September 1).

7. Points calculation:

Only the winning ticket with the highest odds will be taken into account for each player each day. The score is equal to the odds multiplied by 100.

Example : Customer X won 3 bets on the US Open tournament on day Y. The first bet has odds of 5.20, the second has odds of 6.20 and the third ticket has odds of 9.00. As the highest odds of these bets are 9.00, this customer would win 9.00 x 100 = 900 points.

8. Distribution of the 750,000 Golden Points prize pool which will take place among the players who scored the most points during the full tournament (the accumulation of the points earned during each day)

  • 1st in the general ranking: 300,000 Golden Points
  • 2nd: 180,000 Golden Points
  • 3rd: 120,000 Golden Points
  • 4th: 60,000 Golden Points
  • 5th: 30,000 Golden Points
  • 6th to 10th: 12,000 Golden Points

8.1 If 2 or more players total the same number of points at the end of the Tournament, they will share the prize money won.

8.2 The amounts won for the "US Open" tournament will be automatically distributed to the winners in the form of Golden Points, within 3 days of the end of the Tournament.

9. By participating in this promotion, players agree to the terms and conditions. 

10. In the event of a conflict between the different languages of this document, the English version is the one that is considered correct.   

11. Belgian law is applicable. The courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction.

12.  Golden Palace reserves the right to change any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.