Don’t just play anywhere
we take the game seriously

“Don’t just play anywhere – we take the game seriously” is a marketing campaign we came up with, as surveys showed that the gaming industry is still suffering from a bad image. People, also in the regulated Belgian market, associate gaming with negative things.

While unfortunately there are gaming websites that ruin it for everyone, we over at Golden Palace do things differently. We take the game seriously. So don’t just play anywhere – play with an operator you can trust.

Every day we do our best to win the customer’s trust. We do this in our 40 gaming halls, our betting shops and on our online platform.

We are known as a customer-friendly operator and we live by our own strict ethical codes. We also take environmental and cultural initiatives on a regular basis. Just to name a few examples: our gaming halls use 100% renewable energy and we regularly restore buildings with historical value, which has already earned us multiple awards such as the Caïus Prize.

These are not just words, we take specific actions in order to gain this trust and prove worthy of it. We do this together with the Belgian Gaming Commission, through initiatives with the gaming industry (such as forming BAGO) and by committing to charities and initiating in player friendly initiatives.

For us, following the regulation is
just the first step

Following the regulation is not just an obligation to us, but more of a cooperation towards maximum player protection. That is why we gladly go the extra mile, far past what is required to be a licensed operator.

We regularly support local charities and good causes such as Make-A-Wish and hold cultural events in the areas of our over 40 gaming halls. We are also one of the founding members of BAGO (Belgian Association of Gaming Operators) and, committing ourselves to ethical advertising. The possibility to win is there, but we will never claim this as a certainty. Games of chance should be a fun activity foremost.

We are a purely Belgian company with over 50 years of experience. Playing with the Golden Palace Group ensures a fair, customer friendly and safe environment for you to play in.

So don’t just play anywhere – We take the game seriously.


All players are

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If you have any questions about who we are and what we do or about this marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out: We are always there for you. And remember: gaming should be fun, play responsibly with an operator you can trust.